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Patanjali Sokaris

Pondering the universe

Life on other planets

Many wonder whether life, as we know it, exists on other planets. Yet, those who follow some religions already have an understanding of the type of life that can exist on other planets.

For many religions, there are beings belonging to what is known as the angelic kingdom, consisting of devas, angels, elohim, sylphs, among others. Now, the significant quality about these beings is that they do not have physical bodies, but have consciousness and self-will.

Scientists are looking for physical life, just because that is all they think life on earth exists as. With this as an expectation, they only seek physical life forms on other planets. However, if there are non-physical life forms on earth, then life on planets without atmospheres that can support physical life can have non-physical life, as on earth. In fact, such life could exist everywhere in the universe, even in the space between planets and stars.

Sometimes we just need to look beyond our expectations to be open to new possibilities.

But here's something to think about. As physical beings, we generally think in terms of the physical activities we need to do, but what does a non-physical being think about? If we can get our heads aound that one, perhaps we can open up new realms of research here on earth.

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