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Weakening encryption [] ^

Many law enforcement agencies are lobbying their governments to pass laws to allow access to encrypted communications between users of social media. This will not work out as they intend.

The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, arrogantly stated that Australian laws take precedence over the laws of mathemsatics. Well, legislated laws are not true laws, being dependent opon the power of their creators to enforce them, whereas the laws of mathematics are absolute and inviolate.

And it is the inviolate nature of the laws of mathematics that will enable criminals to circumvent any attempt to legally prevent them using strong encryption.

This is because weakening the encryption regime of social media companies will just give rise to alternative channels that will use strong encryption. These will attract those who want to protect their privacy, and many will not be engaging in illegal activities. This is the usage pattern that welcomed PGP encryption in 1991. It is these non-criminal users that will make it difficult to identify criminals by their metadata, just because of their numbers.

However, social media users will have their communication open to the potential of government surveillance. The law enforcement agencies must know that criminals will find alternatives, so the laws are just a means to get to the data of everyday users.

Overall, this push just shows that the politicians are either too ignorant and thus easily led, or they are disingenuous and disrespectful of their voters, either of which give legitimate reasons not to trust them. Hopefully, there are some politicians who will stand up to this misguided attempt at invasions of people's privacy.

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