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9. Local government

Local government determines the logistics of how federal services are delivered to the local community.

Each local government:

  1. a.Is a geographical area into which government services are supplied.
  2. b.Has a population of first-class citizens that varies by no more than 5% of each other.
  3. c.Has dimensions such that the narrowist varies from the widest by no more than 20%, except where geographical restrictions constrict that.
  4. d.Has sizing priorities by population, then physical.
  5. e.Changes forced by changes in numbers from the last census must be implemented within six months of the census publication date.
  6. f.Has representatives elected by all first-class citizens within its area.
  7. g.Each half of the representatives are elected every four years, but two years apart, and a year before or after a federal election.

The practicalities of being constrained by both population and geography means that there needs to be a means of managing continuity of services while adjustments are made to geograpical boundaries forced by census figures changes.

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