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Patanjali Sokaris


Taking back our control

There is much we can do to take back control of our lives, individually and collectively.

We cannot change much about our own lives if the society around us actively prevents us doing so. Conversely, how much society can change is dependent upon how much the sum of our collective thinking can change. Thus, the lives we live as individuals and the societies in which we live are intimately intertwined. It is changes in both that will enable us all to have different lives, so we will need to change both to bring about a better life for all.

While it may seem to some that we should start by making our own lives better if we are to be fit for changing the society around us, there are some that are abusing their position in societies so much that we cannot wait to start making changes to societies. These changes will have to happen in tandem and as they are made, we will adapt and learn what other changes we need to make – individually and collectively – to bring about an equitable future that supports us all and the earth.

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