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Seeding fascism

The alt-right is often seen as distributed and leaderless but that does not mean that they are not fed and nurtured by the few who want to control them.

This article came about after watching the How the Alt-Right is Like an Abusive Relationship lecture by Ian Danskin|Innuendo Studios, where he discusses whether the alt-right is like an abusive relationship, while covering its similarities and differences to cults and dictatorships. At the end, he notes that a significant difference is that while the latter two have a central figure around which all relationships revolve, the alt-right seems to lack that.

However, that may not be a real difference, but more because such seeming disparity and lack of centralised leadership among reactionary groups is typically a pre-cursor to dictatorships. Those wanting a radical change of government will try to tap into all disaffected groups to find who is amenable to wanting strong-arm control to take over and who will willingly work towards that. We have seen how conservative groups and Putin have tried to infiltrate and takeover narrative control of social media to further their subversion of democracy.

Hitler used the Brown Shirts and Putin uses neo-Nazi groups to do their dirty work to bully citizens into submission. While alt-right groups seem to be leaderless, they all too readily produce people amenable to dictatorship. This is seen in how easily they all fell in behind Donald Trump. However, while he is narcissistic and delusional enough to think he could be a dictator, he is not really dictator material because he lacks the coherency of vision to really centralise power around himself, as could be seen by how easily his thinking could be swayed by Fox News talking points.

Basically, Trump is too stupid and self-absorbed to be controlled, which is why the likes of Mitch McConnell willingly laid the blame for the January 6th insurrection on Trump, hoping that would decouple Trump from the Republican Party. Unfortunately for them, the desire for a dictator is so strong that his base is too big to ignore, so we see many Republicans pandering to it. However, Trump did appoint enough conservative judges who lacked integrity and respect for their proper role on the Supreme Court to support putting in laws that could dismantle democracy.

The monied interests that want to dismantle democracy in the US are hurriedly trying to take over as many levels of government as they can before those who oppose them can possibly reinstitute proper democracy. These oligarchs are the type who always prop up and ride on the backs of dictatorships to further their own wealth and privilege at the expense of the freedom and health of their fellow citizens.

These psychopaths are the backbone of fascism, and unless steps are taken to take their power away, they will always feed false promises to people, prevent them from ever fulfilling them, then fund and stimulate dissent amongst the disaffected they have created so that the cycle repeats. For our own peace, sanity and health, we must ensure that their influence is nullified at every opportunity, but without being caught up in their abusive means of control.

The more that we can show the mechanics of how they try to control people, and point out the various means of avoiding that control, the better chance we all have of having true equality, power over our own lives, and a healthy planet to live on. Fortunately, we have seen enough voters choosing to halt the most egregious attempts to ruin democracy, but they have not really taken that far enough to bring us to safety from the nefariousness and the damage that can still be done. Those working against democracy are still rich and powerful, and still need to be prevented from continuing.

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