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There is a lot more to service than the sweat on the brow!

Other names for the position of the Christ are World Teacher, Bodhisattva and Iman Madhi.

I come out of the darkness into the Light
I am reborn into the Life of Service

My bodies are the tools by which the work is done
Guided by the Hearts and Minds of the Great Ones

I give of myself that others are freed
To fulfill their urge to serve

Let us work as one toward the goal
A sacred Earth to be

A golden son to walk the Earth
When all are ready to see

Let us work with speed, but not with haste
That this may come to pass

For then we all stand as one
Before the throne of God

The vision is now, open the eye
Open the heart to the voice

Silence whistles through the trees
And a song beckens me on

Let me serve as best I can
Where I am placed by God

Let me love as a soul, live as a personality
Together in the Heart of Christ

I am but a mote in space and time
But full power to act as He

I awaken from the dream unto the life universal
Let nothing cross my path

My shadow grows smaller with each day
Til nought but the light shall remain

I seek the Love within my heart
A gift to all I meet

No words of hate nor malice nor spite
For all are my siblings, my partners in Life

My thoughts I give unto the flame
Consecrated on the altar of fire

My desires only of the Plan
Let the note sound clear

I walk the path to my home
Where all shall meet

The call goes out, the time is now
For all to heed the call

Let none not hear, no eye averted
To the One who beckens us on

Along the path, across the bridge
Proceed in peace and joy

I am human, I am soul
A unity, two in one

Each day I see that which may be
Each night I bless the sun

I meditate upon the joy within
A heart that grows more strong

I serve the greatest servant
And that is my reward

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