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Sacrificing morals for personal gain

Too many are willing to sacrifice any morals they have, just to be part of what seems to be the successful or winning team, or get what they desire.

It is a test of moral character, which starts out as being something easy to agree with, but then comes more actions of increasingly dubious moral worth. At some point, hopefully the full extent of the moral bankruptcy hasn't been reached, and a retreat to sane thinking can still be made. The seed of temptation is selfishness, and that is what the tempter leverages to start the moral corruption process. The selfishness doesn't have to be for ourselves, but can be for any outcome that fulfils any burning desires we have.

Self-deception plays a huge part in allowing ourselves to be seduced, as typically it is our rationalising that the tempter's suggestions conform to our preferred ideology, whether it be religious or political, that propels us to continue to be tempted. Therefore, focusing upon truth and not our delusions is the key to being free of such temptation, even if it challenges our ideologies. Ideologies are a tool for managing our life, but not an inviolate rulebook. Truth must override ideological theory, otherwise delusion results.

We must choose our alliances carefully, and not just hand over our allegiance because someone promises to make things better for us. Instead we can question what their objectives are, and how they plan to make them happen. Some just want people fodder for their self-aggrandisement. Instead, we can choose real outcomes, planned by real people with a genuine desire to help people.

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