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We are living in times where there is supposed to be properity for all, but our societal systems are not serving us. Where do we go from here?

The history of human life on earth is a duopoly of emancipation accompanied by more sophisticated forms of enslavement, as if we cannot seem to really reach the goal of the freedom that we really want. Of course, it is not the same people wanting freedom as those restricting it, but they often get co-opted into being willing or unwilling accomplices. So, human history is a cyclic reenactment of the battle of a few to keep what they desire and prevent the many from having it. The rightful question is then Is that all there is to life?

The right answer is that it is not. We can, and have had, other sorts of lives that are not based on an oppression of one sort or another. The difference is that at this time in history, many, many more have the opportunity to read and discuss alternatives. Unfortunately, the same tools that we now have at our disposal for finding new ways of freeing ourselves are also powerful weapons in the hands of those who seek to interfere in our new paths to liberation.

However, the real path to liberation is within, though modern tools help us to become exposed to alternate ways we can undertake that path, some of which may be more suitable for our own temperament and abilities. If we are to really understand why, as individuals, we are here, we, as a civilisation, need to move towards societal structures that facilitate our gaining true freedom and what opportunities it allows us to take advantage of. It is a journey that aims to maximise the freedom of each individual to choose their own life, while minimising interference from others and society.

Many of our societal structures are based around money and while it has allowed more social mobility through the tokenisation of individual worth, it has also allowed people, especially the rich and powerful, to disregard human life as nothing more than that token value. That is a psychopathy that makes poverty and deaths in the pursuit of wealth acceptable.

Again, Is that all there is to life? Again, of course not, but we need to avoid relying upon purely economic arguments to stand up for what we think we should be able to have. We need to be able to have more reason to stand our ground than just an economic one, as that will not stand up to the power that those who have built their lives, and ours, around their amassing of great wealth can muster.

The justifications we need to stand by must allow us to withstand what others may throw at us. Borrowed belief systems will not protect us. Most of them are based upon the same pretexts that have justified historical oppression. We each must find what is at the centre of our own being and make it the reason for our actions. That is living according to truth.

It is not our truth, but the part of the truth that allows us to stand firm in a world of uncertainty without fear, and undertake what actions are in our best interests and those of all around us. So-called truths that rely upon our believing them for their power are delusions, and cannot save us from the consequences of the actions we take based upon those beliefs. Reality is the only truth and it will set us free.

There are many avenues for human endeavour, but for many of us, time is spent in distractive activities, that, while making a few enormously rich, result in most of us indulging in them feeling less empowered to make meaningful changes in our own lives, and even less empowered to change the direction of the societies in which we live.

So, how do we change that? The best place to start is to get to what being human is about, and thus what we are truly capable of. Knowing that, we can know the real extent of the power we have to change our individual and collective destinies, as they are tightly bound together. Life is not just a matter of happenstance that we stumble upon, but a deliberate opportunity to be part of the fabric of life, changing it as we change ourselves.

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