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3. Conversations with the soul

Conversing with one's soul – or any higher being – is not the same as everyday talking, but a transfer of understanding that may appear as words.

Not a phone call!

As human beings, we are brought up to be able to use talking as our primary means of communication, but that reliance can be an impediment to communication with our higher self.

First of all, if you are having inner communication with beings that is conversational in much the same way as talking to another person, it will not be with a higher being. It will most likely be with a discarnated person – like a relative or friend – who is helping you from the inner. It will not be your higher self or theirs directly. These are known as guides.

These communications will tend to be about less important aspects of your life than your spiritual development. They may prompt you for things to look out for, or help with aspects of your work. However, if they were not wise in life, death does not suddenly bestow it, so even if they are now privy to information that is hidden to you, that does not mean they are necessarily the best advisors on what to do with it. Treat any information imparted under advisement and only act on it if it feels relevant to your circumstances.

Some beings may be misleading you for their own indulgence, especially if you are being selfish or frivolous. Like attracts like. Be alert to where you are being led and don't get caught up in their folly, which you won't tend to if you generally avoid getting caught up in your own follies. Know your weaknesses and glamours to avoid them being used to lure you in.

Flash of inspiration

We are used to communication as an unfolding of words over time, but inner communication is much more concise.

Our inner selves and higher being do not exist on the mental, emotional and physical levels of our personalities. They are on their own levels, busily going about their own duties and communicating with other beings in forms appropriate to their world. While our souls created our personalities, they are not perpetually concerned with the minutiae of our lives.

They will not have time to communicate with us in long tomes but in short busts of inspiration, which we will perceive in our personalities as words, symbols or energy according to our abilities and needs. Symbols are used when our vocabulary is not sufficient to suitably translate the meaning into the words we know.

Unless the communication is in words that can be immediately understood in the context of where we are, we will need to spend time contemplating the words or symbols to see if more inspiration is forthcoming from our higher mental so that our lower mental can process and analyse it. Some reading might be needed to expand our vocabulary and understanding of the subject of the communication so that we are better prepared for subsequent communications.

Note that meditation is not our personalities communicating with our souls per se, but a period of basking in the light and energy of our souls, where we temporarily diminish our personality awareness in favour of the soul. While we need regular practice to get used to the process, the goal is to be able to be in the soul at will, even if it is only briefly, so that its light can guide our personalities better afterwards, perhaps providing some communication as we return to our daily consciousness.

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