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Liberals admit their party is in danger

There are concerted efforts by the Liberal heavyweights to warn their voters about switching to independents. It is a telling admission about their own party.

No party wants to admit they are losing their constituents, and so they throw out scares like that voting for independents is akin to voting for the opposition. However, New South Wales Liberal treasurer Matt Kean, in warning that independents robbing the Liberal party of moderates will allow the fringe elements to take over, has basically admitted that the party is on the verge of a Trump-like takeover into insanity. That sort of says that it is already too far gone to be rescued. The Victorian election showed that the Liberals had leant nothing.

The English-speaking world seems to have really moved right in much of their politics, seeking division and instability to undermine trust in democracy and its institutions. We know the likes of Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers really pushed this agenda for decades, though likely for different reasons. Whatever, politics has come down to one side using any means possible to win power. They are creating fake culture wars and conspiracies, while undermining voting and elections to this one singular end.

On the other side, but by no means as focussed, we have an array of parties and groups still trying to sort out some sort of agenda to tackle the real existential threats to societies and the planet. These groups are having a hard time trying to deal with the ferocity of intent of the other side. Many are trying to compromise in the vain hope there is a way of achieving consensus, but that has only resulted in further compromises in their own principles.

We have reached a point where we have to face the reality that there can no longer be any fence-sitting or hedging bets. We are battling for our real freedom, and that will not be won by trying to appease those who are psychopathically trying to destroy democracy and fairness in society. We have to stand on the side of people. Notions of trying to nudge away from the extreme right in the hope of keeping the opportunities to exploit people are doomed to fail in the face of the concerted effort to trash the place.

The economic systems that rely upon most being so consumed by their self-fulfilling propaganda cannot hope to endure when almost half the population is delusional. The spell is broken. Mild exploitation is helpless against those who are willing to use self-destructive mass exploitation. It is time to forego the dream of some fake benevolent capitalist utopia if it doesn't put people front and centre. We know it doesn't work, which is why so many have defected into insanity. No viable alternative has been put forward for people to put their belief into.

The mass delusion is the natural outcome of trying to manipulate people to accept their exploitation, but never allowing them to really partake of the benefits. It is coming back to bite those who thought that they could be selfish but pretend to be nice people. Selfishness is not nice but exploitation, and losing it is the only sacrifice that will keep the hordes at bay. The cake has to be shared fairly or there will be no cake to share.

So to those Liberals who think that they can control those whack-jobs in their own party and the Nationals so that their backers can continue to exploit society and its institutions for their own ends, time to let go of that. If you don't really think your party has what it takes, time to start a new one, or join forces with those who really want a world worth living in. One with more equity and opportunity for all, but at a level that allows the planet the opportunity to support us all.

Time to let go of ideologies that have been proven to persistently fail us, no matter how much we think they will work out if we keep throwing effort and money at them. Thinking we can fool people with the idea that selfishness is OK has only resulted in allowing a relatively few amass so much wealth and influence that they are destroying us and the planet with their selfishness. Greed is not good, but a recipe for the type of outcomes that we are rapidly losing control over.

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