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Prayer for a new world

We can choose the type of world we want, but sometimes we need help to keep us on the right track.

Other names for the position of the Christ are World Teacher, Bodhisattva and Iman Madhi.

Lord Christ, in this time of great change, stand with us against the foe
Lift us to your loving heart, that we may never fall
Give us your strength, to walk with our hearts held high

Lord Christ, show us how to live in your Light
To give of our love, that our fellow beings shall be free
And show us how we may live, with you in our sight

But more than that, Lord Christ,
Show us how we may save this earth, our beloved home,
From the ravishes of our desires, of the past and present

But if something must die, Lord Christ,
Let it be that within us, that separates and kills,
That subjugates and punishes, destroying all that is worthy

Lord Christ, let the earth become your garden,
Where all may roam free, without fear of the shadow life.

And may we, Lord Christ,
Be found worthy, of walking in Your garden,
To sit at the tree of knowledge, and be not tempted
To sit at your feet, and hear your words
To see your eyes, and be transformed

In all your kingdom, Lord Christ, let your love reign supreme
Within every heart, within every living being
Let your children know your song of love, wherever they may be

And of those that want to go, Lord Christ, may we set them free
To find your love, in their own way, let them be
For we know, that all will return to you, Lord Christ,
However long their path

By your grace, Lord Christ, we live here to fulfil your law
May we be worthy of that grace, Lord Christ, forever more

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