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Right to rule?

Many groups claim they are superior because of what they have achieved, but are those achievements actually a covering up of their own sense of inadequacy?

Culturally, there appears to be two groups that stand out as claiming the right to be in change of the affairs of the world, being men and white people, largely pointing to how much they see humanity has evolved under their stewardship.

However, how that has been achieved has been at the cost of suppression and exploitation of others, which hints that their self-image of being naturally superior is severely flawed. That flaw seems to drive a desire to prove their worth by grand schemes that divert substantial resources away from providing improvements in the general well-being of all people towards an environmental disaster on a planetary scale.


Many men take great pains to stop women from encroaching on their ability to be in charge.

They have restricted women from being part of many professions and have used religion based upon the writings of men to control the outlook of millions to look upon women as chattels and subservient. Men have consistently posited that women don't have the mental capacity to be in change, yet women wearing co-called provocative clothing supposedly causes men to use violence and suppression to prevent being weakened by such passive displays of a women's physical attributes. So who are the weak and inferior ones here if a person's mere appearance leads to a breakdown in emotional control?

Such fragile emotional stability, traditionally ascribed to women, seems to indicate that men may not be the master of the universe that they think themselves to be. Perhaps it is time to put men to the side and let women be in charge? We probably would be much better off environmentally without all the giant testaments to male fragility!

White supremacyβ–³

Tied in with the rise of the general male push for dominion, especially in Europe and its colonies, human resources were needed for the building of those male fantasies. Enter white supremacy.

This idea of supremacy was used to justify suppression and violence against other ethnicities whose cultures were not based upon rampant self-indulgence and destruction of their own environment. Racism is founded upon suppression and violence to reduce others' capacity to control their own lives, then citing that incapacity as a reason for further suppression.

This is a example of creating a self-fulfilling prophesy, but it is founded upon a delusion, and effectively undermines the claim of natural superiority. Anyone claiming such superiority is not superior but weak and self-absorbed. Such people are not fit to be in charge of the destiny of others. Means must be devoted to ensuring all have a chance to prove their worth, but without sacrificing others' ability to do the same.


Fairness and justice is only achieved by balancing individual freedom with collective well-being.

Democracy seems to be the best form of societal fairness, but it must be protected against those driven by exerting their power over others as somehow being proof of their superiority. Our true strength is in being able to control our own destiny by being self-aware, and using that awareness to change ourselves. In doing that, we become more adaptable and tolerant of people's differences because we know that we and others can change for the better. That builds the type of trust in each other that really allows individuals and societies to be the best that they can be.

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