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Scott Morrison – antithetical Christian

Scott Morrison is a liar, a bully, dismissive, disingenuous, scheming, duplicitous, narcissistic and misanthropic, but expects to be taken seriously as a genuine Christian.

Scott Morrison has a background in marketing and thus seems to have an overextended belief in the power of his own lies. Unfortunately, he came to prominence during the presidency of Donald Trump, who had managed to obviously lie incessantly and yet was still adored by millions. With such a role model successfully strutting the stage, Scott had ample reason to emulate him, having many similar character traits.

Scott conspired with several fellow Liberal politicians to feign support for a right-wing challenger to then Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, only to drop that at the last minute and offer himself as a better candidate for the job. He was willing to dupe his own collegues to get into power.

With that success, he went on to almost single-handedly win the 2019 election by spreading so many lies about the Labor Party and its policies, who were not prepared for such a litany of misinformation and lies, to which he has consistently added more to this day, ramping it up more for the 2022 election.

Scott is a self-avowed evangelical Christian and obviously subscribes to the popular evangelical line that getting ahead in life means that God wants it that way, regardless of how it is obtained. Moral compass is now irrelevant as it seems to solely depend on material success rather than the central tenets of the religion. The problem is that these people are basing their beliefs on people with some pretty misanthropic interpretations of biblical passages, some of which have been changed over the last 100 years to reflect that worldview.

Religion can help bring some moral compass to public life, but modern Christianity has been hijacked to provide moral cover for many selfish and despicable policies and behaviours. Instead of helping politicians find a balance between their beliefs and public service, the religion, especially its evangelical arms, has allowed them to feel comfortable with racism, misogynism and other misanthropies, leading to a pull-back of a lot of social and political rights many have fought hard for.

Scott, like Trump, has shown that he is not to be trusted, and will use any means to stay in power. Fortunately, his many deficiencies were too obvious and too egregious for many Australians, leading to he and his party being trounced in the May election. As often happens when the powerful fall, the truth comes out, and we have since found out how power-hungry and duplicitous Scott was by his silently coopting himself to be minister of several portfolios without their minister's knowledge. His misanthropy is demonstrated by his disdain for those who suffered under his illegal robodebt scheme.

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