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Why is society built for extroverts?

Advertising constantly implores us to spend on entertainment and consuming to impress. But are all of us really into that?

We are told humans are gregarious, but that does not mean we all have to be in each other's pockets. We are pushed by advertising to rely upon seeking stimulus from outside ourselves, but really this is to keep the money machine working through exploiting our buying into the kool aid. Many don't want to have to feel they are required to be outgoing to supposedly enjoy themselves. These are introverts, and are mostly satisfied with living quietly and going about their lives without a lot of fuss and definitely no exhibitionism.

Unfortunately, those who want to make the most money do not want a whole lot of people who are fine with quiet, minimally-consuming lifestyles. Such people are generally less exploitable and so do not wish to fund other peoples' extravagant lifestyles, just because they think they are unnecessary. Instead, people are pushed to consume and be satisfied only if they are buying the latest goods to impress their friends. Being shallow suits the exploiters very well.

So, we have many introverts, who would otherwise be fine with staying quietly at home, being cajoled into becoming fake extroverts to not appear anti-social, all to feed those who are addicted to excessive displays of wealth. What a sick state of affairs!

It is clear that the planet could use a lot more introverts, who are happy to not over-consume resources. Too many are being bombarded with propaganda to consume, most of which is unnecessary for a healthy satisfying life. Time to take back our quiet space and tell those extroverts who can't manage to entertain themselves to rack off and go and annoy their fellow extroverts!

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