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We have a lot going on in the world right now, trying to maintain ourselves while rapidly destroying the ability of the earth to keep us alive.

We have many forms of government these days, with most tending towards some form of democracy as they transition from monarchies and dictatorships. Democracy holds within it the ability for people to decide what the rules of their societies are, rather than have them imposed. Unfortunately, many only feign democracy as their once democratically elected leaders try to consolidate their power by restricting opposition to them. It pays to be very wary of leaders who claim to be indispensable to their country's fortunes, as they are probably making off with the fortune themselves.

Often the population is behind such leaders, as they think they are gaining strength, when typically they are being systematically excluded from the benefits their leaders are getting, if not subjected to outright repression. Such is the way of the modern world, when people are so desperate for some stability and fortune in their lives that they will give away their ability to control how that happens to those who manipulate the information and supply of money to their own ends. Until people break out of their selfish ways, they will continue to be ruled by the selfish.

In the end, politics is reliant upon the aggregated thoughts and desires of individuals, so until the number of individuals who are self-aware enough to control their own thoughts and desires is large enough to sway the masses away from their self-indulgence, democratic societies will continue to sabotage their own freedom. Therefore, understanding politics requires understanding ourselves, and making changes requires knowing how to change ourselves. If we want a better world, we have to become better people.

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